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TLDs Date     Count
.NET Domains Database 2021-08-01 6,096
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-31 7,109
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-30 5,262
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-29 3,503
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-28 4,021
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-27 5,569
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-26 7,234
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-25 5,472
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-24 5,545
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-23 6,689
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-22 3,350
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-21 3,374
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-20 6,405
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-19 6,119
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-18 7,001
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-17 6,032
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-16 6,628
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-15 3,731
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-14 3,712
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-13 7,732
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-12 6,064
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-11 5,796
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-10 5,637
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-09 7,058
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-08 4,978
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-07 4,003
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-06 5,248
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-05 8,056
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-04 6,439
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-03 6,430
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-02 6,553
.NET Domains Database 2021-07-01 6,926
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-30 9,125
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-29 7,979
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-28 11,600
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-27 6,657
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-26 6,174
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-25 5,931
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-24 5,886
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-23 4,309
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-22 9,576
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-21 6,746
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-20 6,242
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-19 6,303
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-18 6,314
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-17 4,298
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-16 3,931
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-15 7,241
.NET Domains Database 2021-06-14 6,266

.NET ccTLD Historical Domains Database

It keeps all domains booked in .NET ccTLD zone with whois details (if proxy opts by the registrant whois details will show proxy), With this package, you will get 1 month of free updates of .NET ccTLD zone.

ccTLD Total Count Price Download Sample Buy Now
.NET 25,879,891 $900 USD Sample Buy Now

.NET ccTLD Daily Updates

.NET ccTLD zone Domains Database update everyday 1:30 UTC, It keeps all domains booked in .NET ccTLD zone.

ccTLD Daily Count Price Download Sample Subscribe Now
.NET 3 - 17,840 $49 USD / month Sample Free Trial

Who Need Domains Database?


Various governments use domains database with whois details to make sure how many domains are booked in other countries by thier citizen to protect frauds and research purpose such as US National Science Foundation post this article about expired domains article.

Educational Institutions

Universities like University of Alberta, Stony Brook University, University of Maryland, University of California, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences use domains database in various search and education purpose to check domains.

Cyber Security forces

Cybersecurity companies use our database for cyber safety analysis and fraud or threat detection around the world.

Law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies use database to identify all the connected domains, websites, and IP addresses associated with fraudulent activities and criminals.

Brand Agents

Brand agents use the domain to check potential trademark infringements through searches to scope domain name similarities, duplicates, or imitators.

Domains Registrars

Innumerable industries and companies need a domain database to know and manage the new domains for their enterprise.

Marketing Research Analysts

Marketing Research Analysts and contact data warehouses use domain database to examine domain registration trends and concoct market forecasts.


Payment processors, banks, and fraud solution vendors use domain data in their research and model for fraud detection.


Enrich security information and event management (SIEM), Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), Automation, and Orchestration Tools. They all use the domain database for decision-making.


Aids Managed security service provider (MSSP) and managed detection and response provider (MDR) to separate their peril identification and management services.

Domain Database

These are a portion of the utilization instances of domain database. Other than these, obviously, countless ventures and organizations need Database for their varied requirements.

Commercial Enterprises

There are many commercial enterprises and institutions which need the database for educational purposes and decision making.